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FAQs about Custom Engraving on items purchased elsewhere:

  • Non-laserable items are limited to a basic block or script font only.

  • Item must have a qualified painted coating to be lasered--we cannot laser bare metal or round objects.

  • We are not responsible for the engraving results on an item not purchased at our store--because we do not know the quality of the surface or whether it was meant for engraving.

  • We do not recommend engraving one-of-a-kind or antique items because of the risk factor.

  • We cannot laser GLASS that is not purchased from our store.


Below are sample base prices which may vary once we actually see your item and determine the difficulty of engraving.  Base Price includes 10 letters/numbers, additional engraving is $.50 per letter/number (no charge for spaces or punctuation).

  • Jewelry, Watches, Knives  - $25.00
  • Lighters, Keychains - $20.00
  • Rings - $30.00  (Inside only unless a signet ring)
  • Medical ID's - $20.00 (includes 20 letters/numbers)
  • Military Dog Tags - $25.00 (includes one side of engraving)
  • Belt Buckles -  $35.00  (no black fill or routering)
  • Baby Cups, Mugs, Sm. Bowls or Trays - $25.00
  • Large Bowls, Trays, Buckets or Pitchers - $40.00
  • Metal Goblets - $25.00 (2qty - $20.00 each includes name/date on both)
  • Knife/Cake Serving Set - $45.00 (Includes name/date on both pieces)
  • Christmas Ornaments - $15.00 (includes name/date)
  • Lap Top, Ipad, Iwatch, Cameras - $45.00
  • Urns - $50.00 (Metal, Wood, or Acrylic) Crosses and artwork are extra
  • Silver or Gold Cross Pens - $25.00 (includes Name only) (Pen/Pencil Set - $40.00)
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